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Supervisor Elsbernd--

I have an embarrassing admission. When I was much younger, but still old enough to know better, I never cleaned up after my large dog when he took a big dump on the sidewalk. If someone complained, I'd say, "Go around."

Now this was over 20 years ago (two dogs ago), and, unfortunately, I can't remember the process by which I grew up and started acting like an adult. I wish I could tell you exactly how I began to realize that, no, the other person shouldn't have to go around, because I think you're confused yourself about what sidewalks are for. I hear that you think it's okay for drivers to park in pedestrian space, and that walkers should "go around."

You may say that leaving a dog dump is different from parking on a sidewalk, and you're right. Even a Newfoundland couldn't leave a dump the size of a car! So a pile of dogdoo is actually much less of a problem than a car. You could say, but it stinks. Do cars smell sweet? You could say, it's a health hazard. The comeback to this one -- oil drippings, etc -- is so obvious, I think you'd be insulted if I went into detail.

I hope by sharing my own past misdeeds, which I find horrifying in retrospect, I can remind you that it's not impossible to change and encourage you to rethink your opinions about sidewalks. They are not dog toilets, and they are not parking lots. They are pedestrians' living rooms, a place to meet your neighbors, a protected space! Next time you see a car on the sidewalk, see it for what it is: a two-ton pile of dog #*!##.

Thank you,
Fran Taylor
2982 26th St
SF 94110
[email protected]


3 comentários:

  1. O aviso do lado direito é interessante, contém os regulamentos que estão a infringir, e a indicar quais as consequências, parece-me uma boa estratégia para adoptar por cá, o que dizem?


  2. Seria boa ideia se cá houvesse consequências mas como toda a gente sabe que não há...

  3. Sim, eu acho que, na altura do design do novo autocolante se explicitasse quais as leis infringidas mas no meio de tanto comentario o meu perdeu-se. Não me lembrei de enviar por e-mail à altura.